Tile and grout cleaning


Tile and grout cleaning can make a world of difference for the appearance of your tile and grout. Dirt embedded in the pores of your tile and grout can cause your surfaces to appear dark and dirty, this takes away from the clean appearance and healthy environment for your home or business. In addition to tile and grout soiling, and stains, mold can grow and pose potential health and safety concerns. It is usually very difficult to remove tile and grout soiling, stains and mold with traditional cleaning methods or over the counter chemical products, but Clean Master Services provides the specialized tile and grout cleaning expertise and equipment for proper tile and grout cleaning.

Clean Master services tile and grout cleaning services can be used to clean, restore and protect floors and walls in commercial and institutional buildings, offices, gyms, schools, hotels, clinics, stores, malls, grocery stores, condominiums, apartment buildings and other public or private locations.

Firstly we spray all areas being cleaned with our safe and effective cleaner, which then emulsifies the build up of accumulated soil, grease, contaminates and mop residue. Then we begin the cleaning process. TURBO TIME! Clean Master Service's tile and grout cleaning procedure utilizes a unique cleaning process with a high pressure, hot water rinse from a truck-mounted steam cleaning system that has high power extraction. Our equipment will completely remove all accumulated soil, grease, contaminates and mop residue. This brings the grout back to near its original color and leaves your floor or walled areas sparkling clean and with a fresh appearance.

      * Keeps noise level down in your house. apartment or office
      * Leaves no cleaning agents behind (we use Green Seal Certified and Environmental Choice products)
      * We supply the water and gas
      * Is the most effective type of tile and grout cleaning!

Then used is a high speed air mover to swiftly dry the floor and have it ready to apply the sealer, which is greatly recommended as the pore openings in the grout will allow dirt and oils to re-enter. Our technicians can apply a long-lasting durable sealer to keep dirt out between cleaning. Our sealers are designed to keep your tile, and grout cleaner for a longer period of time. See our Grout Colour Sealing section for more details on colour sealing.

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