Carpet Cleaning


The most recommended, Steam Cleaning process begins with protecting your home and furnishing. Secondly (optional to you) we can pre-vaccum your carpets, to optimize the cleaning. A pre-treatment of the carpets is then applied. Pre-spray applied to the carpet begins to emulsify and break down the grime and stains.We carry a variety of stain removing products to remove things such as blood, juice, paint, oil, rust etc. We also offer treatment for urine spots.

CARPET CLEANING TIME! Now that the pre-treating is done, the steam and water rinse and powerful suction, extracts deep down dirt, cleaning solution, and 95% of moisture for fast drying time. During the process we move most furniture, then replace furniture with our carpets blocks to protect both your furniture and carpets. Finally (upon your request) we re-apply the carpet protector, groom the carpet as needed and optional to you can leave behind a high-powered drying fan.

We use top of the line steam cleaning equipment.

Have a carpet that's extra soiled? If so ask us to use the Rotovac 360 instead of the traditional steam wand!

The Rotovac 360 is a Rotary Jet Extraction Power Head that utilizes rotating vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. It really is the best of both worlds! The carpet cleaning head is equipped with 3 stainless steel shoes and three spray jets to create less over-spray, more agitation and quicker dry times.

Benefits of Truck-mounted steam cleaning:
  • Keeps noise level down in your house. apartment or office
  • Dries in 1-3 hours
  • Leaves no cleaning agents behind (we use Green Seal Certified and Environmental Choice products)
  • We supply the water and gas
  • Is non-abrasive and will ensure a longer life of your carpet
  • Is the most recommended form of carpet cleaning by carpet manufacturers and by health care professionals!

Dust Mites
Both methods remove dust mites, allergens, and other microscopic pollutants that collect in your carpet and can trigger allergies and other breathing problems. We pre-treat all carpets before the cleaning for the best results possible.

A Protector may be applied upon request to protect and maintain your investment. We use Green Guard Carpet Protector from Go Clean

All area rugs are cleaned and protected on site. We guarantee no moisture underneath when completed.

We also do emergency clean-ups. We specialize in clean ups from accidental spills and pets stains.

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