Air Duct Cleaning


Dust in your ducts is a breeding ground for mites, mould, bacteria and many other contaminants. Clean Master Services removes these contaminant using a professional truck-mounted duct cleaning system.


  1. We do a walk through of your home giving you an accurate estimate and an inspection of your duct work.
  2. Your vents are then all sealed of to prevent any dust from escaping and entering your living area.
  3. The technicians go down to the furnace and hook up our vacuum system to your vents.
  4. The second technician then begins the cleaning process of each duct using either a whip, brush or compressed air to guarantee a thorough cleaning.
  5. To complete the job, we replace your filter with a filter of your choice, disenfect the system (upon request) and can install UVC Air Purifying System.

*Did you know the air quality in most homes is 7 times more polluted than the air outside?

Benefits of Duct Cleaning:

  1. - Save Money
    With the high costs of energy, it has never been more important to ensure that your HVAV systems are running at top efficiency. Duct cleaning is an important part of the overall maintenance that can help save you money in energy bills and through prolonging the life of heating and cooling systems. *Did you know a buildup of .042 inches of dirt on a heating or air conditioning coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%? FACT the majority of heating system failures are caused by dirt and dust buildup.
  2. - Better Health
    Eliminating contaminants from your ducts helps to ensure the best possible indoor air quality which can help to minimize reaction to environmental sensitivity, allergies and asthma. *Did you know the average home contains over 40lbs. of airborne dust?
  3. - Reduces Clean up of Dust
    Removing the dirt that is in your HVAC system will help you to reduce household dust and helps you clean and maintain your home quicker and more easily.

*Did you know getting duct cleaning is recommended in new homes, when you move and when you get a new furnace or air conditioner?

When to get your HVAC System Cleaned:

  1. - New Homes
    You might not expect it, but a newly built home may have ducts that are clogged with construction materials such as wood shavings, drywall dust or carpet fibers. In addition, newer more airtight homes tend to have more recycled air which fills the ducts with less fresh air and more dust. A duct cleaning prior to moving into your new home will virtually eliminate these concerns and increase the enjoyment of your new home.
  2. - When You Move
    Duct cleaning the home you are trying to sell can be a selling feature. It communicates that you take good care to maintain the home. Once moved, you will want to ensure that the ducts are cleaned so that you can start fresh, without having to inhale years of another family's dust and dirt.
  3. - When You Get A New Furnace or Air Conditioner
    It is recommended, and sometimes required by warranty, that air ducts are cleaned after a new furnace or air conditioner. Our packages can be found on the pricing page!

Dryer Cleaning

FACT: House fires caused by dryers are far more common than generally believed, a fact that can be appreciated upon reviewing statistics from the National Fire Protection Agency. In North America fires caused by dryers in 2005 were responsible for approximately 13,775 house fires, 418 injuries, 15 deaths, and $196 million in property damage. Most of these incidents occur in residences and are the result of improper lint cleanup and maintenance. Fortunately, these fires are very easy to prevent.

Tips and Prevention:

The fire marshal offers these tips for safe clothes drying:

  • Clean the lint screen after every load. Not only will your clothes dry quicker, your dryer will operate more efficiently and reduce the risk of fire
  • Softener sheets can cause a waxy build-up on the lint screen.
  • Wash the lint screen in warm soapy water and dry it completely before replacing it in the dryer
  • Have the interior of the dryer, lint screen and exhaust duct cleaned by a qualified service technician every 18 months
  • Keep an eye on your dryer while it's operating
  • Rinse materials with chemicals on them before washing and drying
  • Do not leave dryer on and go to bed
  • Do not operate the dryer if the lint screen is clogged or issing
  • Do not block the flow of ventilating air
  • Do not exhaust the dryer into any vent connection, gas vent, chimney or crawl space. This could create a fire hazard from expelled lint.
  • Inspect and clean the vent monthly
  • Keep the area around the dryer clear of combustible items
  • Inspect the gas line for corrosion or "kinks"
  • Inspect the electrical supply cord for fraying, cracking or exposed wires
  • Do not leave damp items in a warm or hot dryer. Start the drying cycle immediately.
  • Ensure dryers are installed properly using heavy metal or aluminum duct work not foil or plastic tubing!
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