Carpet Cleaning in Cambridge


Imagine coming home to a house that is neat and tidy and smells springtime fresh. That’s exactly what you will get when you choose Clean Master Services for your carpet cleaning in Cambridge. OK, maybe we can’t get those Lego landmines off your carpets, but we CAN get rid of dirt, dust, allergens, odours, and dust mites. Fresh is what we offer, so take a load off and contact us to get started.

Why Carpet Cleaning in Cambridge Will Always Be Popular

Lilacs in spring, cookies fresh out of your oven, maybe even the beach if you are Kramer from Seinfeld - these are a few of our favourite scents. We all dream of a home that looks great and pleases all of our senses, but the fact is, no matter how neat and tidy we are, carpets pick up things we don’t like over time.When was the last time your home smelled like your husband the first time you met him, anyway?

We all try to keep our homes as clean as possible, and we all have active lifestyles, pets, kids, and other things that lead to soiled carpets. Maybe you think you’ll never have carpets as luxurious as your mother in laws’, but you can give her a run for the money when you have your carpets cleaned by the professionals at Clean Master Services.

Get a Healthy Clean by Cleaning Your Carpets

It’s a health thing, too, right? There are healthy cleans and there are unhealthy cleans. All those old school shampoos and treatments from the 70s probably made your parents’ home more toxic than they would have been otherwise. At Clean Master Services we proudly use Green Guard, a pet-safe cleaner that not only removes soil but also prevents stains.

Maximize the Clean of Your Carpets with Minimum Invasion

When you choose Clean Master Services for your carpet cleaning in Cambridge, it takes less time than you would think.Our carpet cleaning process probably takes less time than you think. Not only that, but by having our vacuums positioned outside in a truck, noise and vibrations will be at an absolute minimum.

We clean carpets and area rugs, and our process takes up nearly as much water as we use to clean them. That means that your home will be as dry as it was before we entered. Carpets are typically bone dry 90 minutes after we leave. Water is never left on your floors, even when we clean area rugs.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Spraying deodorizers and opening windows is a short-term solution. Having your carpets cleaned professionally will alleviate the problem at the roots, literally. In addition to providing a healthier living environment, professionally cleaned carpets can extend the life of your carpets and save you money in the long run.

Contact us to schedule your spring carpet cleaning. And why not have your ducts cleaned at the same time? You’ve heard of one-stop shopping? Why not one-stop cleaning. Carpet cleaning in Cambridge, in addition to air duct cleaning, and grout sealing, upholstery cleaning is a cost-effective way of giving your family a healthier, less-stressful home.